Company Profile

Saxon Hill Group Ltd brings over 30 years of extensive construction experience and knowledge to our clients. We have worked with the Department of National Defence, Corrections Services Canada, Public Works and private sector organizations.

Saxon Hill consistently aims to address un-met client and/or customer needs in the construction industry and deliver a unique substantiated objective with the process. The delivery of a particular service that is offered in the construction industry should be constantly remodeled for fresh and renewed improvements, ensuring client and/or customer relationships are increasingly strengthened.

The constant review and monitoring of all facets of the project will ensure timelines, goals and milestones that are being achieved throughout the duration of a project are in alignment with what was established at the onset of the project. Saxon Hill Group exercises focus and attention to detail when effectively monitoring overall progress and delivery of each phase of the project in accordance with client expectations.

Pete Stevens utilizes versatility and determined representation on behalf of his clients that has guided Saxon Hill Group to become a results-orientated firm that manages all stages of the construction process from start to finish. Originally from the UK, Pete has brought a European influence, quality and standard to each project his company has been involved in.